Our Advantage

Resource One is founded on a total commitment to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. We establish a clear understanding of your business and your needs. We work with you to achieve your goals. Integrity, experience, confidentiality and expertise are the cornerstones of the service we offer.

At Resource One, we have clear values:
• Do what is best for all concerned.
• Be accountable for our actions.
• Speak the truth.
• Be practical.
• Always do the right thing.
• Remain flexible and approachable.
• Never lose the passion for what we do.

At Resource One, our work principles are:
• Begin with a clear understanding of the requirements and company climate.
• Find a genuine match for each position.
• Only present candidates who truly fit both the position and the company.
• Only present candidates who have agreed to consider the position.
• Maintain confidentiality.


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