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Resource One is an executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of oil and gas professionals. Our specialized, highly focused search expertise provides a comprehensive recruitment solution for energy companies of all sizes and stages of development.

Resource One will:
• Assess your needs and create a specific position/company profile.
• Present the best candidates to fulfill your criteria and meet your strategic needs.
• Accept the challenge of earning your continued business through our performance, integrity and industry credibility.

Resource One was founded by Janis Abel in Calgary, Alberta. She has many years of recruiting experience and a history of excellent performance. At Resource One we know exactly where to look for qualified candidates. Our recruiting philosophy has always been to acquire a deep understanding of the client and the candidate, and therefore be able to present the candidates that will help your company operate at peak efficiency. Specialized industry knowledge and candidate/workplace assessment experience enhances our ability to satisfy client expectation for the most qualified and best available talent. We deliver conscientious and reliable results, complete assignments on time and always abide by the highest ethical standards. We are sticklers for professionalism because we act on behalf of our client and our actions reflect on them. We will not risk our reputation (or yours) with misrepresentation or carelessness.


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